понедельник, 3 ноября 2014 г.

The Alley Way Stamps!

Hello my friends! Today I'm so excited to represent my new cards. Finally I got Neat&Tangled stamps! Well, I'm in love with their beautiful fronts;) Now I'm look forward to use my TAWS:) They are still on the way to Russia. They are so cute! I've found TAWS at Umichka's blog;)
I also want to participate at DT call by TAWS ;) . I'm sure it would be great experience! Because TAWS are sooo good! I do want to become a part of DT!
So, let me introduce my cards;)
Друзья! В блоге The Alley Way Stamps ищут дизайнера в команду. Я таааааак хочу! Потому что тааак люблю их штампы:) Их шрифты мне тоже очень нравятся:) Это было бы чудесно - поработать в их команде:)

Watercolor background, stamps, embossing, sequins 

This card is dedicated to snowboarders. They are always inspire me:) I stamped origami map on snowboard silhouettes. I also embossed "go and do amazing things". Yeah! Go and do amazing things! The whole world is for you! 


And I should also participate Stampin' Royalty Challenge #253 "Silver". 

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